Secretary (CMC)'s Desk

Being the secretary of the college management, It gives me an immense pleasure to express my heartfelt feeling for DPBS College, Anoopshahr. The College is committed to create conclusive atmosphere for teaching, learning and extension activities and hence to prepare its students as able professionals-creative and capable to contribute to the nation and achieve their goals in a rapidly changing economic and civic environment.
The education empowers the society to grow in real sense hence it should be spread to every stream of society and individual. Creation of new knowledge and innovative mind should be the focus of higher educational system. Our college is keen in sustaining the vision with all its capacities. Therefore, we are providing the opportunities to the students to develop their knowledge skills, competence and attitude to use them for the growth and prosperity of the society.
I wish that this college will provide glimpses of various activities ongoing throughout the environment to reach the new horizons and contribute towards a high sense of dignity and excellence.
I welcome all the students and their parents to join hands with this college in our pursuit of excellence.