Proctorial Board (2018-19)

The Proctorial Board has been set up to maintain discipline in the college campus. It prevents the unauthorized outside interventions in the college and enforces disciplinary codes among the students. Members of the Proctorial Board of the college are as under:-

1 Dr.Pradeep Kumar Tyagi Chief Proctor 9412859350
2 Dr. Rishi Kumar Agarwal Proctor 9412892180
3 Dr. (Smt.) Chandrawati Proctor 9997013399
4 Shri Yajvendra Kumar Proctor 9410669069
5 Shri Seemanth Dubey Proctor 8057583007
6 Dr. Vishal Sharma Proctor 8869810102
7 Shri Kamlesh Kumar Srivastava Proctor 9412657746
8 Shri Mayank Sharma Proctor 9719007880