NAAC Accreditation

NAAC Accreditation

Under the supervision of Dr. K.P. Singh (Principal) and coordination of Dr. K.C. Gaur (Head faculty of Education) the Faculty of Education is NAAC Accredited with CGPA of 2.53 on four point scale at B Grade on 27th March 2011. The Peer team visited on 21st & 22nd January 2011. Appointed Peer Team for NAAC Accreditation is as follows:

1. Dr S N Prasad (Chairperson)

Former Principal

Regional Institute of Education (NCERT), Mysore, Karnataka

2.    Dr P Viswanadhan Nair (Member- Coordinator)

 Dean, Faculty of Education,

 University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerla

3.    Dr (Ms) A Fiby Raj (Member)


Annammal College of Education for Women, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu



Peer Team with Principal, Head of Department and Staff