Anti Ragging Committee

As per the order of Hon’ble Supreme Court any act causing mental, physical or moral harassment or torture to juniors by all seniors amounts to ragging which is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Considering ragging as an anti social, inhuman and criminal act, the college principal has constituted a committee to strictly deal with ragging cases, if any. It is mandatory for a student to submit an affidavit at the time of joining of the college.

The members of ragging committee are as follows:-

1. Sh. Seemant Dubey                         Incharge                   8057583007
2. Shri. Mayank Sharma                      Member                    9719007880
3. Dr. (Smt.) Sunita Gaur                          Member                    9897642402
4. Dr. Vishal Sharma                            Member                    8869810102